The Construction Material Division distributes engineering and industrial construction supplies on an exclusive and preferred basis for numerous domestic, regional, and international companies. The division, which has operated since the early 1980’s, provides the following classes of products that conform with major internationally accepted quality standards, such as ISO, ASTM, BSI, and DIN:

  • Construction chemicals, including surface treatments, adhesives, grouts, repair compound epoxies, and sealants;
  • 3M windows films, including Scotchtint Sun Control and Scotchshield Safety and Security;
  • 3M fire protection products, such as intumescent, endothermic and silicone sealants; moldable putty; mortar; pipe devices; composite sheets; duct wrap, tape, blanket, and mat; and graphite intumescent seals (GIS);
  • Expanded metal meshes, laths, and beads, including angle / corner beads, plaster stop beads, control joints beads, architrave beads, metal lath (coil / sheets / rib-lath), Hy-Rib (construction joint formworks), and steel meshes (fencing, caging, and gratings);
  • Block accessories, including block reinforcement mesh, ladder reinforcements, and wall ties of all types;
  • Expansion joint systems, including expansion fillers / fiber boards, cork fillers, backup rods, and sealants;
  • Thermal insulation products, such as extruded polystyrene boards, polyurethane boards, and fiberglass blankets or boards, as well as black insulation cork;
  • Waterproofing materials, such as PVC watershops, fiberglass mesh, geotextiles, liquid membranes (polyurethane and acrylic), protection boards, as well as other waterproofing materials;
  • Drywall partition and suspended ceiling systems, including gypsum plaster boards; self-adhesive fibertape; ready-mixed joint compounds; and studs, runners, and other accessories; and
  • Polyethylene sheets (vapor barrier) with a thickness of 50 microns and above.

The division services customers on a company-to-company basis from its Al Khobar, Jeddah, and Riyadh offices, as well as through five strategically placed showrooms in the Saudi cities of Al Khobar, Jubail, Riyadh, Qassim and Jeddah

Mr. Wael Khashouq

General Manager
P.O. Box 718, Dammam, 31421, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966) 13 833-2339 x 610
Fax: (966) 13 834-9452



Al Khobar Office

Mr. Mulham Shoukfeh

Regional Sales Manager
P.O. Box 718, Dammam, 31421, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966) 13 882-7557 x 621
Fax: (966) 13 882-7095


Jeddah Office

Mr. Hassan Yakoob

Regional Sales Manager
P.O. Box 1298, Jeddah, 21431, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966) 12 691-2204 x 200
Fax: (966) 12 698-6553


Riyadh Office

Mr. Hussam Shuhaib
Regional Sales Manager
P.O. Box 8077, Riyadh, 11482, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966) 11 810 0760 x 222
Fax: (966) 11 214 79811



Al Khobar:
Tel: (966) 13 882-7557
Fax: (966) 13 882-7095

Tel: (966) 13 356-0342
Fax: (966) 13 356-0343

Tel: (966) 11 474-8915
Fax: (966) 11 476-2485

Tel: (966) 12 668-4217
Fax: (966) 12 668-5327

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